Economist Hulk Returns

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Economist Hulk returns after a six year absence with … well, see for yourselves.

Via Google translate:

Good words, three winters, and bad words hurt people in June.

In one sentence, my heart was thoroughly cooled. I ate it while I was eating, and I was filled with the shame of eating something from others.

I also vowed that when I had to eat with others, I had to pay for it first, and I paid the bill. So even if I eat a little more, I won’t laugh at me.

I felt a burning face, as if I had a loud slap. People also said: “How do you say that his appetite is so big? Why can he eat as much? If the Chinese are able to eat like him, China has long been eaten by him.”

After the end of the one-and-a-half-month break, the players of the major clubs in Europe also ended their holiday and returned to the team to prepare for the pre-season training of the new season. In the past one and a half months, some players have changed their new clubs. The preseason will be a good time for them to work with their new teammates.

For the magnificent Real Madrid in the past month and a half, their preseason will usher in a big wave of new players represented by Azar, and in order to guarantee the influence of their own preseason, Real Madrid TV also Deliberately produced a promotional film to create momentum for Real Madrid’s US line.

As we all know, Real Madrid has a large number of fans around the world, good at commercial marketing and star-making means, not only let Real Madrid become the world’s largest club, but also let countless players take the career peak here. It is because of its great influence that Real Madrid has become a football hall for countless players to fight for.

This year’s America’s Cup, Brazil is the biggest winner. In addition to winning the America’s Cup, the best player, top scorer and gold glove award were won by Brazilian players. This is not, Beijing time today, the America’s Cup official also announced the list of the best 11 people, Brazil has 5 people selected, in addition to Alves, Everton, Allison, Tiago – Silva and Artur Also honored to be elected.

The runner-up Peru team also had two players elected, namely defender Traucho and forward Guerrero. In the third place, Argentina was only selected by Paredes. The other three winners were Vidal in Chile, Jimenez in Uruguay and J Ronaldo in Colombia.

Among the three, J Ronaldo’s selection was somewhat unexpected. Brazil’s Jesús, Argentina’s Aguero, and Uruguay’s Suarez did not perform worse than J. Of course, Messi’s defeat is still a special regret for the fans. He can combine European Golden Boots and Champions League Golden Boots. Why can’t he get the best in the national team competition?

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