How Does China Feed Its Population?

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How does China feed its population?  Over on, Dr. Janus Dongye Qimeng answers this question.. The essay is is lengthy, educational, and perhaps even accurate. I posted a PDF version below.

Dr. Janus Dongye Qimeng bio

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China has basically engaged in large scale aquaculture combined with complementary agriculture and seafood production.  Read the whole thing. For this article only I am opening comments.

I will guide you through and point you where to look at.
Here are the coordinates:
Location 1: Ningde Bay, Fujian, China (26°43’02.8″N 119°57’45.2″E)
Our first destination is the coastal area in Fujian province.

If we zoom in, we can find millions of floating houses and cages on the sea surface.

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