San Francisco Muni Will Not Achieve Its Goal

How do hybrid buses equal zero emissions? The answer is, “They don’t.” Hybrid buses, by definition, run on their gas engines at least part of the time. Getting to zero emissions by using hybrids violates at least one of the laws of thermodynamics. Continue Reading →

California Offers Private Sector Workers a Deal They Should Refuse

Remember, these employees are not covered by a retirement plan. They are mainly low-income. The reason they are not saving for retirement is that they are poor. Many are young. Many will see their incomes increase as they get older — and a few will become very wealthy. Do these folks really need to lose three percent of their pay? Continue Reading →

Devaluing the Bachelor’s Degree Fast Track Edition

In brief, this law would force public colleges and universities in California to accept transfer credit for online courses. The courses would be approved by an already-existing panel: Continue Reading →

Rick Perry Says Come On Down to California Businesses

Economists, unlike politicians, try to quantify issues like this. One common measure of supply and demand is the rental rates for trucks for one-way trips between two destinations. I used U-Haul’s rates for a 14 foot truck between Burbank, CA and Dallas, TX. The Burbank to Dallas rate was $1,546.00. Dallas to Burbank: $829.00. Conclusion: more people want to move from Burbank to Dallas than vice-versa. Continue Reading →