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    • Tariffs for the Long Haul[1] April 4, 2015
      To get around the 25 percent tariff, Ford installs rear windows, rear seats, and seat belts prior to shipping the vehicles to the United States. These vehicles are no longer classified as commercial trucks but as passenger vehicles, which are subject to the much lower 2.5 percent tariff. Upon arrival in Baltimore, Maryland, the rear […]
    • Bay Area Air Quality District Proposes Violation of Constitution March 24, 2015
      A quick scan of BAAQMD's massive report shows a lot of concern for concentrations of various pollutants in different locations, but zero consideration of sources. Frankly, that's stupid. BAAQMD cannot determine the effectiveness of their regulations until they know the percentage of current pollution emitted by exempt structures. Until then they are simply whistling in […]
    • Tax Policy and Economic Growth March 5, 2015
      The point I’d like to add is that the U.S. has already done this once. In the 1970s, led by Cornell Professor Alfred E. Kahn, several important industries were deregulated: airlines, trucking, transportation generally, energy, communications (remember the old AT&T monopoly?), and finance (including banking). Each of these industries lowered prices, increased quantity offered and […]
    • Global Interest Rates Update February 28, 2015
      What, then, is the meaning of the expected change in the exchange rate, the term on the right side of the = sign? The Greek euro cannot depreciate against the German euro. In this case, we are measuring the default risk premium of the various countries.
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