Just What the CSU Needs

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[Update July 3: I wrote a (much) longer version complete with footnotes and formatting.  Here’s the pdf version.  Enjoy.]

Just What the CSU Needs


CSU is the California State University system. AB 1460, a bill currently under consideration in the California legislature, would require CSU students to complete an ethnic studies class prior to graduation.  This bill is sponsored by the California Faculty Association.  I urge anyone and everyone who votes in California to contact your legislative representatives and oppose this idiotic idea.  Click here to find your representatives.  You can contact them through their legislature websites by filling out a form.  The following paragraph may be useful when composing your message.

I taught economics at CSU East Bay for 37 years. The CSU is today graduating students who cannot do basic algebra, supposedly a requirement for admission to the university. They also cannot compose a paragraph, much less an entire research paper. Once the CSU has figured out how to teach those two R’s, they can take the time to guarantee full employment for ethnic studies faculty.

Early in my career we were forced to unionize.  The California Faculty Association was chosen based, in part, on their promise to never impose an agency fee.  About fifteen years ago they broke that promise.  For personal reasons, I have been a dues-paying member of CFA for about ten years.  (As an emeritus faculty member I get a substantial break on the monthly fee.)

Honestly, after reading this if you still support faculty unions, you have my sympathy.

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