Electricity Mandate May Make Kitchens Dangerous

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Over at the California Retort I’ve written a long article about one expensive, possibly risky aspect of California’s move toward mandating all-electric houses;. The executive summary is below.  The link is above.

Executive Summary

Part of the movement to all-electric houses is a push to install induction cooktop stoves. Depending on which stove you choose and how you use it, there may be significant electromagnetic field (EMF) emanations. Luckily the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health did an exhaustive study in 2011.

They are also very pricey, in the range of $2,000. You will have to replace your cookware. AllClad makes a cookware set “optimized for induction.” The 10-piece version will set you back $800. Add installation and you’ll probably end up in the vicinity of $4,000 total cost. (If you think you can just slide one of these into the stove slot and plug it into a wall outlet, you are mistaken.)

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