Operation Choke Point Returns With a Vengeance

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You may remember my articles about operation choke point (here and here and here and here and here). It was a government operation to deny banking services to a group of industries. In fact, the title of the first article was “Using the Banking System to Circumvent the Constitution.

Luke Rosiak Operation Choke Point Returns With a Vengeance

Luke Rosiak

Peter_Schiff Operation Choke Point Returns With a Vengeance

Peter Schiff

Gone but not forgotten.  A few days ago Daily Wire investigative reporter Luke Rosiak uncovered a personalized version of this practice.  The U.S. government decided they didn’t like economist Peter Schiff.  After that, they used many of the tools developed for Operation Choke Point to make his life miserable.  Luke’s full article is here.  Below is his Twitter thread summarizing his work. (If the Daily Wire article is paywalled, just sign up.  It’ll be worth the price of admission.)



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