NIH Press Release Written by Idiots

NIH image and pullquote NIH Press Release Written by Idiots

This is quite incredible.  The National Institute of Health (NIH) issued a press release written by idiots.  Thanks to @KelleyKga for spotting this.

The NIH study was “Myocardial Injury in Severe COVID-19 Compared With Non-COVID-19 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.”  The key word in the title is “severe.”  Here’s what the research says:

We included intubated patients with COVID-19 from 5 hospitals between March 15 and June 11, 2020, …

Results: Of 243 intubated patients with COVID-19, 51% had troponin levels above the upper limit of normal. Chronic kidney disease, lactate, ferritin, and fibrinogen were associated with myocardial injury

And here’s how the NIH interpreted this finding:

The cytokine release by activated immune cells may contribute to myocardial injury, which is observed in up to 50% of patients.

NIH image and pullquote NIH Press Release Written by Idiots

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Unfortunately, that 50% figure only applies to ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) patients, a small percentage of all COVID patients.  NIH completely misinterpreted the results and did so in a way that should have been obvious to anyone with a three-digit IQ. Truly a NIH press release written by idiots.

Here’s Kelley’s takedown followed by the full paper and the NIH press release.