Dr. Tony Lima

Dr. Tony Lima

GonzoEcon.com contains the ramblings of Dr. Tony Lima.  Dr. Lima is a real economist (Ph.D., Stanford, 1980, yes it was in economics).  He retired after 37 years on the faculty of California State University, East Bay and ten years teaching finance to MBA’s at the California University of Management and Technology (CALMAT).  He was dubbed “Gonzo” by his good friend Dr. Dave; the reference is to the Sesame Street character.

In addition to his Ph.D., Dr. Lima holds a B.S. from MIT (chemical engineering) and an MBA from Harvard.

Those interested in using Dr. Lima’s expertise should visit http://TonyLimaAssociates.com for more information.

This blog is dedicated to sorting out a small fraction of the economic misinformation being thrown around today.  Those interested in what I do for fun should check out my wine blogs:

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