Learning Economics With Video

I’ve recently finished two lengthy projects for Pearson Higher Educational Publishing. Textbook links are to Amazon.com. The textbooks are

Each project was about 60 “voiceovers.”  These are detailed explanations of graphs in the textbook accompanied by video showing each step in the process.  Naturally, I think they are terrific.  Here’s a sample developing the Edgeworth box. I’m especially proud of the video fx I managed here:

Pearson owns the copyrights to these works.  They have given me permission to post three of them as long as I use password protection.  I have posted each on Vimeo.  For the link and password, please e-mail me. Warning: these are view-only and cannot be downloaded.  Also the password will change every two months.

International Trade, Tariffs and Quotas

Exchange and Trade, Edgeworth Box Analysis, the Contract Curve

Prospect Theory (Behavioral Economics)

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