Schools Require Parent Participation

Charter schools are legal in California. The state education code as well as voter-passed propositions, have consistently shown broad public support for them. There are rules about the types and amounts of support a local school district must give each charter. Instead of fighting charter schools, perhaps folks should consider the model advanced by San Carlos. That town (where I once lived) has basically turned their entire school system into charter schools. Continue Reading →

Common Core Math Fail

I am professor emeritus of economics at California State University, East Bay. We have a small Master’s program in our department. Decades ago, when I was teaching in that program, one of my students was a high school teacher. She did very well in the class I taught and went on to successfully complete the M.A. After the course was over I asked her if she was going to teach high school economics. She replied, “No. I can’t. My certificate is in business. To teach economics I need a certificate in social studies.” Continue Reading →