A Modest Proposal, or How to Break Down the Barriers to Graduation

Present the first-year student with a tuition bill for the next four years of his or her university education, said bill becoming due immediately and to be paid through grants, loans, the student’s own accumulated inheritance from recently and timely-deceased grandparents, or the third mortgage his or her parents can negotiate as a lien on the family’s ancestral suburban home. Alternatively, it may be possible to garnish the student’s wages at Starbucks for the next fifty years. Immediately upon the check’s clearing and being deposited in the coffers of the state university, issue the baccalaureate degree to the student in question. Continue Reading →

Devaluing the Bachelor’s Degree

Magical thinking. That’s what’s going on here. B.A. or B.S. degrees have magical properties. Get one and you’re set. Don’t worry about whether your major is electrical engineering, computer science, or history. Continue Reading →