Lincicome on Market Structures

Scott Lincicome on market structures

Scott Lincicome

Scott Lincicome recently commented on market structures as viewed by FTC Chair Lina Khan.  Ms. Khan has abandoned the established standard that antitrust policy should focus on costs and benefits to consumers.  Instead, she believes that big is bad.  In fact, the Pentwater Capital hedge fund has done pretty well buying call options on companies after Khan announces an action and the stock price drops.  Here’s what Scott has to say.

Lincicome on market structures 

Tired: Market Forces WIRED: Malarkey Forces

Wanted poster Repeal the Jones Act

Tired: Market Forces WIRED: Malarkey Forces. That’s the title on the esteemed Scott Lincicome’s (@ScottLincicome) latest Twitter rant.

Wanted poster Repeal the Jones Act

This is parody! (Click for larger image)

Warning: Scott has declared himself the sole owner of “malarkey forces.”  Don’t use it without his permission.  IIRC Scott has a law degree, so tread carefully. On the other hand, “malarky forces” may be OK.  Here’s the thread. Tip: ignore the last tweet promoting crypto.


Baby Formula Shortage

Empty shelves Baby formula shortage

John Crowley, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

John Crowley, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There is a baby formula shortage in the U.S. today.  This shortage has persisted for about a year.  One way to get more formula on the shelves is to relax U.S. restrictions on imports.  Scott Lincicome details the lunacy of the approach Congress is taking to this situation.

Hint: they could just repeal the tariffs and other trade restrictions.  That doesn’t seem to have occurred to the geniuses in Congress. For those interested in a more detailed exposition, Scott has teamed up with Gabriella Beaumont‐​Smith and Alfredo Carrillo Obregon to write a nice piece for Cato.  For you impatient readers, here’s Scott’s Twitter thread on the subject.