Where’s My 1099?

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Have you noticed that one or two of your 1099 and/or 1098 forms seem to have been delayed?  We have.  Two weeks ago Smith Barney’s web site stated our 1099 would be available February 15.  Today the same site says February 25.  I need one small number from them that will not affect our taxes a bit.  Why the delay?

I don’t have the answer but this is a blog so I’m allowed to speculate.  Smith Barney is a unit of Citibank.  Naturally you remember that Citi took huge piles of federal bailout money.  Perhaps management is returning the favor by delaying a few 1099 forms for a few weeks.  After all, those who file their tax returns early are mostly getting refunds.  Except this year it looks like we’re making an interest-free loan to the U.S. government for a month or so.

This is my opinion based on nothing more than my thoughts.

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