Dave Barry 2011 Year Review

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Dave Barry 2011 year review is out and it has a bunch of financial wisdom.  One excerpt:

“In Europe, the economic crisis continues to worsen, especially in Greece, which has been operating under a financial model in which the government spends approximately $150 billion a year while taking in revenues totaling $336.50 from the lone Greek taxpayer, an Athens businessman who plans to retire in April. Greece has been making up the shortfall by charging everything to a MasterCard account that the Greek government applied for — in what some critics consider a questionable financial practice — using the name ‘Germany.’ “

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  1. Daniel

    The worst part is,that the greek government faces a deficit (2010) of about 30 Bil.€,while loosing nearly the same amount due to tax dodging!Again, we have a country in Europe,which looses nearly 13%! of its GDP through a “bad” attitude to taxation. Oh but you might think the greek economy is very small, so it shouldn´t be a big deal..Lets take a look on some other numbers: Italy looses about 16,6% of its GDP each year due to the same problem,oh and its GDP is about 2 tril. €