FRED is Dead

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RIP government data 1929 - 2014

FRED is dead. In my post earlier this month explaining why I stopped using current government statistics, I mistakenly left the FRED data widget in place.  It has now been removed.  I have replaced it with a tombstone.  This artwork is my intellectual property based on a public domain cartoon from  In turn, I declare this image to be public domain.  Please feel free to download it and use it as you deem appropriate.

For those who are interested in the dates, 1929 is the first year the BEA reports GDP data.  The year 2014 is probably a year or two late, but who knows how long the data has been faked?

FYI I’m starting a petition at asking that the Census Bureau be moved back into the Department of Commerce.  President Obama changed this.  Census now reports directly to his office.

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