Construction at the Palo Alto JCC

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Both of my regular readers will know that, at heart, I’m an engineer.  I spend my afternoons walking to nowhere on a treadmill at the Palo Alto JCC. And the last few months have been highly entertaining.  The treadmills have a great view of what was once an outdoor parking lot.  They closed off the parking lot a few months ago.  This is the saga of construction at the Palo Alto JCC.

The plan is to put a roof over the (soon-to-be-former) outdoor parking lot.  The roof will feature a soccer field and numerous other areas for various forms of socializing.  The video includes artist’s renderings of the finished project.  But (of course) what fascinates me is the actual day-to-day activities that go into this construction.  I do not claim this is in any way comprehensive — there was a lot of work that occurred before I started shooting video.  But you may get a kick out of it.

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