More Robot Slave Labor

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Meet BeBot, a remote controlled robot slave.  Be spends his days — and nights as far as I know — cleaning the beaches of Lake Tahoe. The video below shows BeBot in action.  It only scrapes off the top four inches, so those bodies you buried will remain covered.  (But you should probably look up “beach erosion” if this applies to you.)

BeBot is a creation of Eco-Clean Solutions. And it presents an unusual economic problem.

BeBot replaces human beach cleaners.  While many are volunteers, there are undoubtedly people paid to do this job.  My guess is they don’t have a union and are paid minimum wage (at best). They may respond by forming a union.  Or they may resort to less ethical methods of protest. I leave it to your imagination to think up the specific actions they might take.  We don’t advocate any type of violence here!

Kudos to Paul Rogers of the Bay Area Newsgroup for uncovering this vitally important subject.  I read about it in the San Jose Mercury-News.


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