Yet Another Unconventional Stimulus

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Yet another unconventional stimulus for the U.S. economy.  In November, 2010 I wrote about economic stimulus from unlikely sources.  Those included people who are not paying their mortgages ($2.6 billion per month), bad management, and the Microsoft Kinect.  Recently another item caught my attention.

According to Reuters, Ronald Page of Detroit was able to withdraw $1.5 million from his checking account via ATM. This despite maintaining an actual balance of about $100. Apparently the Bank of America ATM dispensed hundreds of thousands of dollars at every withdrawal. Missed it by that much! ($1 to Maxwell Smart)

Mr. Page, being a good U.S. citizen, gambled the money away.  That’s $1.5 million in additional spending!  Mr. Page copped a plea and faces 15 months in prison.  He should get a medal from President Obama instead.

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