Getting Your New Ricoh Printer to Print Postscript From OS X

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[Updated: October 18, 2019 because Emory removed access to their web page.]

Our new Ricoh SP C360SNFw laser color multi-function printer is a joy for printing.  But the setup is … problematic.  In particular, there is no Ricoh Postscript printer driver for OX X. And Postscript is the only way we’ve found to get 600 and 1200 dpi printing, the quality we need for our business cards, flyers, and so on.  (We use Adobe Illustrator and other Adobe products, so there’s no issue with Postscript in our applications.) This article is about getting your new Ricoh printer to print Postscript from OS X.

Ricoh SP C360SFNw

We are an Apple shop.  We do have one Windows computer.  It spends most of its time updating Windows.  I also have vmWare Fusion running a Windows 7 virtual machine on my Mac.  If you need to get Adobe Creative Cloud running in a vmWare virtual machine, get in touch with me for some time-saving tips.

I’ve put together a guide for installing Postscript on OS X for Ricoh printers.  Please read and respect the copyright notice.  I hope you find this useful.


Here’s the Emory insstallation guide:



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