Parents Defending Education

Parents Defending Education was launched March 30.  The pdf below gives some details about their organization, mission, and so on.  Here’s a quote from their About page:

We believe our children’s education should be based on scholarship and facts, and should nurture their development into the happy, resilient, free-thinking, educated citizens every democracy needs. Our classrooms should include rigorous instruction in history, civics, literature, math, the sciences, and the ideas and values that enrich our country.

Every parent concerned about the ongoing decline in both the quality of K-12 public education and/or the content of material being presented in the classroom should consider joining this group.  PDE has applied for 501.c.3 status, but have not yet been improved.  If or when they are granted this status, donations will become retroactively tax deductible.

Parents Defending Education

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Here’s the pdf of their Twitter thread introducing the group.


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