Facebook Factcheck Fail

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There was a big Facebook factcheck fail about a week ago.  It started when I posted this:

Bidinflation Facebook Factcheck Fail

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Seems straightforward.  Imagine my surprise when Facebook flagged it.

Facebook notice Facebook Facebook Factcheck Fail

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Missing context?  Luckily it was easy for me to find the relevant table on the BLS website.  Just for my readers, here’s the comparison of the image I posted with the actual figures from the BLS.

Bidinflation items Facebook Factcheck Fail

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Missing context?  Here are the inflation rates for the CPI and its components over the last 21 months.

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Sure, the context makes a huge difference. Most of the components are currently around 5 percent. That line way up at the top of the graph is transportation, coming in hot at 20 percent at its peak.  FWIW, these are year over year rates.

Update: here’s the Politi”fact” “reasoning.”

Facebook reply Facebook factcheck fail

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