COVID and Kids Part 2

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In November, 2021, I wrote about COVID and kidsThis is COVID and kids part 2. There are two reasons First, the CDC has once again produced a junk study.  Second, an excellent piece of research has just come out from the U.K.  Those folks found that death rates among kids for the omicron variant were miniscule.

First, the CDC has pretty much destroyed their reputation for research.  This is yet another example. Even worse, after two revisions they still don’t have it right.  Tweeter @KelleyKga has appeared here before in her work with @EWoodhouse7 cited in my earlier article.  This time she goes one on one with the CDC and nearly pulls off a win.

Here’s her original critique of the CDC preprint.


And here’s her response to the third revision:


UK research summary COVID and kids part 2

(click for larger image)

Meanwhile, here’s the research summarized by Shamez Ladhani.



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