Stephen Wolfram on ChatGPT

Over on Twitter, Tom Shaughnessy Jr (@Shaughnessy119) pointed to a long article by Stephen Wolfram that explains ChatGPT.  I’m not going to summarize it here, because Mr. Shaughnessy took the time to do it for me.  Below is his summary of Stephen’s longer piece. If you’re not afraid of math, you might try Dr. Wolfram’s explanation.  Read Tom’s summary first.

Tom Shaughnessy Stephen Wolfram on ChatGPT

Tom Shaughnessy Jr.

Mr. Shaughnessy is the co-founder of Delphi Digital.  According to his LinkedIn profile, he put in two years at Oppenheimer before moving into cryptocurrencies.  He seems to be doing pretty well.

Stephen Wolfram Stephen Wolfram on ChatGPT

Stephen Wolfram in the field.

Stephen Wolfram, on the other hand, is pretty famous.  He invented Mathematica, a very powerful tool for interpreting mathematical functions and logic. Learning Mathematica has been on my bucket list for years.  Maybe this will stimulate me to get back to it.

Forthwith, Tom Shaughnessy summarizes Stephen Wolfram.


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