Sarah Fields Takes Down a School

In the pdf below, Sarah Fields (@SarahisCensored) takes down the Foster Pre-K 8 school in the Jefferson County (Colorado) District. The schools had a few teachers sneaking woke, sexually explicit material into their classes. Thanks to Sarah and the Texas Freedom Coalition, that practice has stopped. (I may add to this later, as she has the complete open records file.)  

Sarah Fields takes down a school

Sarah Fields

Sarah is the President/Director of Advocacy for the Texas Freedom Coalition  (@coalitiontexas).  From the website’s about page:

Sarah lives in East Texas, with her three children who she homeschools. She enjoys writing, music and going to the range. She now advocates and works for Texas Freedom Coalition as Director of Advocacy.

She took an oath to defend the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. And continues to uphold that oath as an Army Veteran and Activist with a passion for her Country.

And here’s their mission statement:

Texas Freedom Coalition Mission Statement Sarah Fields takes down a school

(click for larger image)

Added bonus: their animated logo:

But for now here’s Sarah’s account of what happened in Jefferson County.


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