Mitt Romney’s Eating Habits

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In the September 3 New York Times op-ed page, Ms. Marie Myung-Ok Lee analyzes Mitt Romney’s eating habits.  Specifically, she takes Mr. Romney to task for only eating the top halves of muffins.  Has she noticed that neither Mr. Romney nor Mr. Ryan are overweight?  Rather than castigating Mr. Romney, she should be cheering him for his example to the rest of us: don’t clean your plate because the extra food will make you fat.

The problems the U.S. faces today are not the problems faced by Ms. Lee’s parents and grandparents.  The solutions are not the same either.  But I’m quite certain of one thing: Mr. Romney’s eating habits are hardly worth 25 words on the Times’ op-ed page, much less an entire column.

P.S. I was going to include a picture with this, but decided to spare both you and me.

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