Subprime Cell Phones

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A Sampling of T-Mobile Smartphones Subprime Cell Phones

A Sampling of T-Mobile Smartphones

Yes, you read that correctly. Today T-Mobile announced that they endorse #SmartphoneEquality (complete with a hashtag). According to the press release,

… every T-Mobile customer who’s paid their wireless phone bill on time for 12 straight months will qualify for our very best device pricing on every smartphone and tablet we sell − including zero down with no interest and no credit check. This new approach puts the relationships we’ve built with loyal customers above their credit scores.

Ultimately, this initiative will lower the barrier for millions more Americans to get a smartphone – the most transformational technology in our lifetime. At a time when mobile connectivity is sweeping the globe, the United States ranks a miserable 13th in the world in terms of smartphone penetration − behind a dozen countries including Australia, Ireland, Israel and Saudi Arabia among others. There are more than 100 million American adults who don’t have a smartphone according to data from Pew Research and the US Census Bureau. That’s 100 million too many.

So ignore those past-due credit card bills, the foreclosure notices on your house and car, and everything else that’s dragging your credit rating down. Just pay T-Mobile on time and you can get a cheap smartphone.

What could possibly go wrong?

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