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The EU Without the UK Andrea Widburg on Brexit[pullquote]Tip: If you want to stay at the Omni, make your reservation through Expedia.com.  For some reason their site gives consistently better rates than the hotel itself.[/pullquote] I met Andrea at James Taranto’s talk in San Francisco June 24. The event was held at the Omni Hotel in San Francisco and sponsored by the Pacific Research Institute. James was kind enough to invite several of us to continue the conversation in the hotel bar afterwards.  The group included my lovely wife, Andrea Widburg, and several staff members of the Pacific Research Institute.  Special thanks to Laura Dannerbeck and Rowena Itchon for their kind hospitality. And I was pointed to this fun Brexit meme.

Andrea and I had an amicable conversation about wine, guns, and the virtues of free markets. She is a passionate second amendment supporter.

She suggested I take a look at this blog: The BookWormRoom.com. Among the many entertaining articles, there was an open thread. The first few memes were about the Brexit vote. A good example is the featured image at the top of this article.

Who Is James Taranto?

For anyone unfamiliar with James Taranto, he is a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, edits Peggy Noonan’s weekly column, and writes the daily Best of the Web Today column.  I am a regular contributor.  During our chat he revealed that I send him more e-mail than anyone else.  Therefore, I claim this title:

James Taranto With Your Humble Correspondent Andrea Widburg on Brexit

James Taranto With Your Humble Correspondent


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