Entry Exit Overstay Report FY 2015

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Visa Overstays Entry Exit Report FY 2015This is a fascinating little document published every yeqr by the Department of Homeland Security.  The Entry Exit Overstay Report FY 2015 gives details of the number of people who have overstayed their visas broken down by country and in several other ways.  Two fundamental categories are those who overstayed their visa but have left the country and those who have overstayed but have (presumably) not left the country.  The report is available as a pdf file here.

Regular readers know my fondness for Excel.  I decided to do a quick-and-dirty export from pdf to Excel.  Surprisingly the tables seem to have come through in very good shape.  I haven’t bothered to separate them from the text.  Anyone who produces the tables with one table on a worksheet, please let me know.  Give me a copy and I’ll post it, complete with credit to you.  Click here for this invaluable addition to the planet’s stock of information.

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