Consumer Reports on Student Loan Debt

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Consumer Reports cover Consumer Reports on Student Loan Debt

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[Update November 10, 2016: a comment on this article was posted on one of my other blogs.  I have  encouraged the commenter to post it here instead.  Hopefully that will happen soon.]

Consumer Reports, the magazine that used to review cars and appliances to help people choose the best fit for them, has now officially jumped the shark.  The image to the left is the cover of the most recent issue.  And it made my blood boil.

Going to college was not the mistake.  The mistake occurred in the seventh grade when many students decide math is just too hard for them.  (As I noted a few years ago, President Obama is among this group.)  Once they bailed out of the math curriculum, they also lost the chance to major in serious science, engineering, and economics.  And therefore, they lost their chance to obtain a college degree that is actually worth something in today’s job market.

But those who pile up $100,000 in student loan debt to get a degree in interpretive dance deserve no sympathy.

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