Poll for Dems in February 2015 Trashes the State of the Economy

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Well, they can’t say they didn’t know.

[pullquote]The most fundamental context for everything we see here is the pressure of rising costs and stagnant wages. Only 30% nationally and 29% in the battlegrounds rate the national economy as excellent or good, and we saw in the framing poll that to the extent people feel like things are improving, they don’t feel like those benefits are tangible in their own lives.[/pullquote]

ALG logo Poll for Dems in February 2015 Trashes the State of the Economy

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The paragraph over there in the right margin is the opening of a (much) longer document in the Wikileaks archive. The email summarizes the results of polling by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research. The rest of the email is equally scathing. Not only do voters hate Obamacare, they also hate the Obama economy.

For the better part of six years I (and others) have been explaining that the economy is not in very good shape. Now we have a vast quantity of empirical evidence supporting our argument. In case Wikileaks gets taken offline, I have captured the email and converted it to a pdf file. Click here to download your very own copy.

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