Inflation, April 2024

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Today the April, 2024 Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) was released.  There were a few surprises, but the overall picture matched my expectations.  Overall inflation, April 2024, was 0.3% month-over-month.  That translates into a 3.8% annual rate.  Between April, 2023 and April, 2024, the CPI increased by 3.24%.  (All this and more is in the Excel workbook.)

The most surprising component was apparel.  In April, apparel increased by a whopping 1.2%, equal to a 15.4% annual rate. Luckily for the Biden administration, apparel had a weight of about 2.7% in the overall CPI.  Here’s the summary.

Inflation, April 2024

Inflation, April 2024. (Click for larger image)

Other notable factors include transportation (8.5% annual rate) and energy (14.4%).  I just filled up our car the other day and was shocked at the price: $5.30/gallon.  I could have paid $5.20, but wasn’t awake enough to notice the sign at the other station.  (Yes, I live in coastal California, greater Silicon Valley region.  Those of you that don’t live here are welcome to laugh as long and loud as you want.)

In a few days (with any luck) I’ll have a much longer article on Bidenflation.  Check back regularly!


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