The Times Has Discovered That Costs Matter in Obamacare

“The Chapmans acknowledge that they are better off than many people, but they represent a little-understood reality of the Affordable Care Act.” … Perhaps this was “little-understood” by the geniuses who run the New York Times. But many economists, including me, pointed out that costs and prices would inevitably rise given the mandates and rules included in Obamacare. Continue Reading →

NY-26: Media Innumeracy Strikes Again

Perennial candidate Jack Davis ran for the same seat in the previous three elections, each time as a Democrat. This time he proclaimed himself the tea party candidate and managed to siphon 9% of the vote away from Ms. Corwin. Without his presence in the race (or if he had followed form and run as a Democrat), the Republican Corwin would have won going away. And there would be no story for the mainstream media. I’m quite sure they wouldn’t have trumpeted a Corwin victory as a win for Rep. Ryan’s reform proposal. Continue Reading →